Allograft Products

The safest allograft options for patients. 
Sports Medicine 
We offer a complete line of Sports Medicine grafts including Patellar Tendons (BTBs), Achilles, Tibialis, Semitendonosus, and Gracilis. 
General Orthopedic 
Chips, Cubes, DBM Paste
 Allograft Products
General Orthopedic allografts include Femoral, Fibula, Tibia, Humeral, and Radial grafts. 
Bio-Implant Solutions offers a variety of sizes and options for cancellous chips, cubes, cortical-cancellous chips, and DBM paste. 
Spine allografts include a variety of implants including Cortical Rings, PLIFs, Tri-cortical Spacers and the SteriSponge product line.  
Fashioned Bone 
Specialty Allografts
The Fashioned Bone allografts include Ilium Tricortical Wedges, Ilium Bicortical & Tricortical Strips. Patellar Wedges, and Dowels. 
Specialty Allografts include Fascia Lata, Pericardium, Rib, and Costal Cartilage
Safe options for patients, superior quality and 100% surgeon satisfaction are our top priorities.

We take pride in our wide selection of safe and quality tissue implants. All of the implants are processed using validated tissue processing methods and can be delivered to you within 24 hours in most instances. Listed below are each type of products which Bio-Implant Solutions distributes. Click on "view products" to see a compete list of implants. 
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